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IOS and Android App Development
  • Native app development for IOS using Objective C & Swift

  • Native development for Android using Java & Kotlin

  • Customised for each platform

  • From idea to app store

  • In-house graphic design for UI

  • 8 years experience in app development

$100 per hour

The Process

The App Idea

What is it?

We need to know

Specification Document

Nailing down the features and how it will work


See a mock-up before coding starts


Making sure your app looks great


Coding starts and see progress updates on your device


Your app submitted to app store with 2 years phone/email support

The Surf Today Apps



Developed for West Australia, New South Wales & Queensland the Surf Today IOS apps provide near real-time wave, wind and tide data so that the hundreds of surfers who have installed them can assess whether they can hit the waves for a session.

Surf today WA is also now available on Android.



Align Chakras for the Apple TV provides a unique 21 minute chakra alignment meditation.

It moves through all 7 chakras displaying carefully chosen colours accompanied by tibetan monk inspired chant tones that fill the room with sound. It is particularly ideal for groups of meditators but can be used by individuals too.

This app was originally designed for the iPhone at the request of my partner as existing apps were too complex to meet her needs. Hopefully it will meet your needs also. Enjoy!

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