Simply Music Piano

What's in it for you?

Simply Music Piano offers the possibility of gaining music as a lifelong companion by assisting you to:

  1. Play a wide range of music that includes classical, contemporary, blues, jazz, accompaniments and more…

  2. Gain the tools to work independently including a strong foundation in music reading and theory

  3. Express yourself naturally through improvisation and composition 

  4. Become a self confident musician that thoroughly enjoys their music making experience

What to expect at Play Piano Now

The first month focuses on three areas:

  1. Conversations to clarify roles and goals 

  2. Piano basics

  3. The systems and language used to deliver Simply Music Piano 

Following the first month, the Simply Music Piano curriculum is layered in and you will learn various styles of music, arrangements, composition, improvisation, accompaniment skills, reading, blues, jazz, and more. 

Learn more about Simply Music Piano here

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